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wagne100 02-22-2018 01:45 AM

Hotline simultaneous ring on all phones

i'm new to the ACM, and trying to get a hotline working; i could need some help.

First i created a vector, a vdn and two hunting groups (ucd-mia) which work as expected - we have one team for telecommunication issues (3 extensions) , and another for it-support (7 extensions). If you hit 1, you will get one of the it-guys, if you press 2, you will get one of my team. But we want that the phones in each hunting group will ring at the same time and still can be logged in/out from hunt group. How can i handle that?

Best wishes,


marzahn 03-23-2018 09:57 AM

Try Using EC500
Here's how we run our help desk. And I hope this might work for you.
  • Use two route-to steps to ring a station for each of the two teams.
  • Then have each ring-to destination pass the call to cell phones provided by your firm for each team member using EC500.
You could allow staff to opt out by configuring a button to turn EC500 on and off for each deskset. We do not allow this. And personally I do not like to leave this up to staff. But that's just me.;)

I always go back to . . . "It may be technically possible to X. But that does not mean your firm should do X." If you do this there is one gotcha to keep in mind.

That is if someone turns off a cell phone or lets the battery die, it makes everyone unreachable.:eek: Have you ever set up a time of day coverage table (change/add coverage time-of-day xx)?

You could use this table to build a coverage system for your people by time of day and day of week. Or you could do your normal tests for a global schedule in the vector you are writing.

Please let us know how you worked this out. It may help another "Phone Geek." And let us know if you need more.

regan16 03-26-2018 05:20 AM

I think you could set up the hunt group users in a call pickup group and instead of having no-ring set on the pickup button have it set to ring they will still need to press the button but they will hear the call ringing if its not going to them. I believe what you want is basically a coverage answer group but you want the agent functionality with being able to log in/out?

wagne100 05-01-2018 11:56 PM

Thanks for your help! We did the trick with coverage answer groups. Trick because I've noticed that often a clever configuration is necessary. I also had to adjust the configuration so that incoming calls were signaled simultaneously on four devices and at the same time can be picked on four others only on request. So the four stations and an additional x-port station were packed into a CAG. Since login / logout was not wanted after all, that was easy..

marzahn 05-02-2018 10:06 AM

Solution Using a Bridged Appr., Coverage Path and EC500
I was asked to set up a new building security line. The required parameters were. A number calls the following in order . . .
  1. Security [2 rings and then to]
  2. Facilities + cell phone [2 rings and then to]
  3. HR Manger + cell phone [2 rings and then to]
  4. Announcement: "Call 911."
Here's how I did it.

  • I set up an X-ported digital station (4000) with Coverage Path 1 = 60.
  • I placed a bridged appearance of 4000 on the Security station.
  • I built A VDN to a vector.
  • The vector plays an announcement and calls 4000 which rings the security phone.
  • If security does not pick up, 4000 covers to 60.
  • 60 rings 2 times and forwards the call to Facilities + Facilities cell.
  • If 2 rings pass without answer CovPath 60 rings HR + HR cell.
  • If 2 rings pass without answer CovPath 60 covers to a VDN/vector
  • The vector plays the announcement that tells the caller to dial 911 and drops the call.

If required, I have a VISIO that provides details.

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