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somer10 08-08-2019 06:27 AM

Who has upgraded to R11 FP4 SP1?
So the new FP4 SP1 is available..

Who tested it, what are your experiences, what changed, which bugs are still present?

What previous bugs did you test on the new SP.
Is the webmanager doing a beter job than FP4 SP0?

We will be testing all the bugs that we reported the last couple of months...
  • Webmanager: Editing multiple users at the same time : settings of users are erased (bug was in there for more than a year) SEEMS TO BE RESOLVED
  • Webmanager:User SIP tab: default values are saved whenever you do any change to the user. SEEMS TO BE RESOLVED[/B]
  • Webmanager: Forwarding page: not visible when forwarding number was erased NOT RESOLVED, MIGHT BE EVEN WORSE
  • Webmanager: Forwarding page not working or defaulting when saving NOT RESOLVED MIGHT BE EVEN WORSE
  • ISDN incoming call -> DECT transfer to any internal phone: call is disconnected. RESOLVED
  • No Sync between Equinox and IPO
  • One-x-Portal Outlook plugin: clear history does not clear missed group calls
  • Web Manager Self Admin does not load for users on an App Server. FIXED - MEDIA MANAGER RECORDINGS ARE VISIBLE NOW

somer10 08-09-2019 07:03 AM

Forwarding Page issues is NOT resolved:

When a user changes/adds/saves anything in the selfadmin regarding the call handling the system will add MULTIPLE empty forward user shortcodes.

If the user changes something again it will keep adding additional user fwd shortcodes.
These empty user shortcodes will result in the (admin) Webmanager that the FORWARD page on that user is not accessible. It does not pop open.

We just had one occasion that the whole call handling page in the selfadmin dissappeared when manipulation the fwd's of that user in the Manager/Webmanager.

-> IF you have customers that intensively use the fwd features in the selfadmin you will get into trouble if you upgrade.

ulfelj 10-14-2019 06:01 AM

Web Self admin - "View Only"
Checked in two different Server Edition 11.0 Feature Pack 4 Service Pack 1.
Tested with both Chrome and Firefox. These are my findings so far:

Web Self Admin seem to be "view only" even if the user has Write access.
  • Profile: No changes has any effect.
  • Call handling: No changes has any effect.
  • Button programming: changes has no effect.
  • Personal Directory: Add/Edit/Delete has no effect.

When saving changes, You get the User saved Successfully message. But the system is not updated.

Web Manager User Forwarding page is sometimes accessible.
I haven't found out why or when I can access on Forwarding page on some users.

Checking on a phone or loading conf in manager still shows the old values.
It worked in 10.1. SP6.

vlieg1 10-21-2019 07:19 AM

If you give the user access to "downloads" then the changes made in self administration are saved correctly.

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