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mccal22 01-05-2016 09:34 AM

Will a 24 button expansion module like the SBM24 work with 9508's and if so do they have to be at a certain release?

kirchenlo 01-06-2016 08:10 AM


as far as I know, it will not work.The BM12 is compatible with 9508. I checked the knowledgbase.

9500 Series

9600 Series

9620L, 9620C, 9630, 9640G, 9650, 9650C

SBM24 with 96x0 (it works as well with 96x1)

9608, 9611, 9621, 9641

I copied the solution description to my Google Drive.

kirchenlo 01-06-2016 08:10 AM

see page 116/117

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