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justinstein 02-09-2021 12:24 PM

Telecommuter mode permanent link mode
I have an agent in telecommuter mode, and I'm not able to get a second call through a reused service link. It only works for the first call.

1. I have an agent registered on top of an h323 station with 'Service Link Mode: permanent' enabled.
2. I sign into telecommuter mode directing to a SIP station.
3. Prior to first call, the agent is in READY according to bcms monitor.
4. After the first call has ended, the agent is in OTHER according to bcms monitor.
5. While making the second call, nothing shows up in h323 station trace .
6. While making the second call, a trace on the hunt-group that's routing the call shows busy:
```19:08:11 TRACE STARTED 02/09/2021 CM Release String R017x.01.0.532.0
19:08:14 busy cid 0x1e09
19:08:16 ring station 7200152003 cid 0x1e09
19:08:36 busy cid 0x1e09
19:08:41 busy cid 0x1e09
19:08:46 busy cid 0x1e09```

Any idea what kinds of configs I would want to look at to get the second call to reach my h323 station?

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