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marta2 12-19-2013 07:59 AM

Elite Multichannel. License Director
I have problem with License Director in Elite Multichannel.
I deploy Elite Multichannel OVA file emc-6.3.0-e50-00.ova.
I install license files on System Manager's WebLM.
System Manager - SM- with patches System_Manager_6.3.4_r3401830.bin, System_Manager_6.3.4_Patch1_r3401904.bin.

License Director not found license.
String from log file ASLicenseDirector.log:
Dec 19 09:16:34 sr-ens-ccem ASLicenseDirector[3896]: +04:00 2013 154 1 .cce | 0 Info [3832] [T 15] failed to get product from WEBLM server - will retry

I set WebLM Server URL = https://weblm:52233/WebLM/LicenseServer
where 'weblm' - short name of System Manager (I write it in windows\system32\drivers\ets\hosts)
I try set WebLM Server URL =
where - ip address of System Manager
I try specify FDQN System Manager in WebLM Server URL. Same result.
I can open all variants of WebLM Server URL in Internet Explorer.

Installed license:

Elite Multichannel system has no alarms. Just in log file ASXMLSvc.log where are many strings like
Dec 18 23:59:56 sr-ens-ccem AXMLServer[2980]: +04:00 2013 973 1 .cce | 0 Major [3192] OnLicenseError was called with ReasonCode=4,ReasonText=There is no license entered for the application specified., connect retry count 0.

I do not know what to do next, may be I have forgotten some settings?

marta2 12-20-2013 01:47 AM

Problem resolved by install ver EMC 6.3.1.:D

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