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chand123 07-07-2015 04:10 AM

Divert all calls to external number - IP Office

I am a complete novice and would really appreciate someone's help with this:

I have an Avaya IP Office telephone system system installed, which contains 3x1406 handsets & 1x1408 handset.

When the main office number (e.g. 500000) is dialed all 4 phones ring. Each phone is also setup with a direct number (e.g. 500001,500002,500003,500004) so when this is dialled only that particular phone rings.

I am trying to setup the system so that when nobody is in the office, if the main number is dialed, that call will be diverted to an external number (e.g. my house phone). I have succesfully implemented the forward unconditional option but this only diverts when my direct line is dialed, not the main office number.

Is it possible to setup a divert on the main office number?

markgallagher 07-07-2015 05:04 AM

It certainly can be done but there are so many options I couldn't give a single answer without knowing a bit more about what you want to achieve.

? Do you want to control when it ultimately falls back to you home phone? (very annoying if it does it during the day just because everyone (including you) is already on a call).

?Do you want call to still try the group first before trying your home phone?

Some of the possible options also depend on whether you have Voicemail Pro available? and what release of IP Office core software your system is running (Release 9.1 added some significant changes to the hunt group fallback area).

chand123 07-07-2015 05:39 AM

Thanks for the response.

The version of ip office running is build 972. I'm trying to launch Voicemail Pro but an error message pops up saying its not installed...

We're not a very busy office (probably only receive about 30 calls a day) but there does need to be a human answering every call as a quick response is often required.

So this is basically what i want to achieve:

If i'm working from home, and everybody in the office needs to go to meetings/site visits etc, i need them to be able program the phone system so that any call to the main office number is diverted to my home phone. Then, when they come back to the office, they switch this facility off so the main office number goes back to normal.

nash 07-07-2015 10:33 AM

What I would do is create a new HG (say called Overflow), and then add a user (Doesn't need to be a new user, could be yours but I would suggest for clarity it might be easier) to that new group. This new user could have a forward unconditional set to your home phone. You need to ensure that you have "Forward HG calls" enabled.

Then in your main huntgroup, add the Overflow group to the Overflow list.

Basically, that way when a call is presented to the HG, if no one answers it will overflow to the new HG, and that user will send the call off switch to your home phone.

Hope this is helpful to you?

This part of the documentation details the overflow process:


havel3 07-07-2015 12:58 PM

As four extensions ring simultanous then the ICR send the call on the DDI to a group.
Find that group and disable Voicemail and disable any fallback destination.
In ICR set the external number as fallback destination.
Now, if you set the group in nightservice ( manual or by time profile) the calls will route to the fallback destination of the ICR.
Quite simple, as a alternative you can use a single extension as destination and set it on unconditional forward but this always needs human intervention (put the phone on forward) which is as we all now is not fail proof.

chand123 07-08-2015 06:58 AM

Thanks so much nash! :D

Finally got it working! It rings the main office for 20 secs then diverts to an unused extension, which has a forward unconditional set up to divert to my home phone. This then rings at my home phone for 20 secs and, if there's no answer, goes back to the office for 5 secs before hitting the main office voicemail.

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