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micwood 08-06-2015 11:51 AM

Are you using Avaya Virtualized Application Manager (AVAM)
The Avaya Virtualized Application Manager (AVAM) is a software deployment utility that was introduced to deploy Avaya applications into Customer provided VMware Environments. Itís an alternative deployment tool to VMware tools such as vCenter or the vSphere Client.

The System Management team would like to understand how much this tool is being used in order to make product lifecycle decisions.

Question: How often do you see AVAM being used to deploy Avaya application OVAís in customer provided VMware environments (never, sometimes or frequently)?

Please respond to this Sticky Thread or send an email response to: Mike DiSaia (disaiam@avaya.com) and John Cato (jcato@avaya.com). The lack of any response will be received as the field is not using the AVAM utility.

snaslu 04-23-2018 12:57 PM

Might use this someday
One issue with customer VM environments that you are going to see is similar to our. The Telecom team does not manage the VM environment and the team that does that is not crazy about us taking Vcenter like control of their environment. It is a nice option but hope it never becomes mandatory.

wallo 06-12-2020 01:56 PM

This is the very first I've heard of this tool. Is it still available?

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