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aeronk 10-19-2018 10:43 AM

Jitter high
I have integration between Avaya IPO у 500v2 and Skype For Business Server 2016 in one subnet (through trunk sip). Very often between the two services I see a problem in the logs:

QoS Alarm: Jitter=268435455ms,RoundTripTime=2ms,PacketLossFra ction=917/1000; CallRef=3791; Device=Line(id=200)
QoS Alarm: Jitter=268435455ms,RoundTripTime=2ms,PacketLossFra ction=488/1000; CallRef=3761; Device=Line(id=200)
QoS Alarm: Jitter=268435455ms,RoundTripTime=2ms,PacketLossFra ction=648/1000; CallRef=3741; Device=Line(id=200)
QoS Alarm: Jitter=268435455ms,RoundTripTime=3ms,PacketLossFra ction=625/1000; CallRef=3636; Device=Line(id=200)
QoS Alarm: Jitter=268435455ms,RoundTripTime=5ms,PacketLossFra ction=230/1000; CallRef=3294; Device=Line(id=200)
QoS Alarm: Jitter=3006190ms,RoundTripTime=1ms,PacketLossFract ion=0/1000; CallRef=2787; Device=Phone(index=102,number=6210)

Why such a high jitter in one network? or wrong counter counting?

markgallagher 10-20-2018 03:21 AM

A jitter delay of 3 hours! - I think its more likely a software reporting issue.

So unless there are actual audible issues, ignore.

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