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mortar 04-06-2020 11:58 PM

CMS Supervisor R18 not responding
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we have few virtual machines that our CS uses for the different teams to show CMS supervisor (like a wallboard). some are working great. windows 10 with CMS supervisor R18. client ver 18.1.06 MB_06 \ just upgraded one machine to 18.1.08.
seems like the SSH getting hung few times a day on 3 out of 17 machines... tried to rebuild the VMs but its the same.
the registry for the SSH timeout is set to 35000.
looks like when this issue happens we can see the Avaya CMS Supervisor to SSH Bridge (32 bit) process in task manager (when the app is not stuck this process is not there)- see attached.
its fine if its once a day, but its been happening 5-8 times a day....

any suggestion will be appreciated! :D

thanks! :)

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