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foley27 06-12-2013 07:44 AM

Licensing - IP Endpoint
What license would I need to connect 4 Avaya ip phones (5610SW) to my Avaya IP Office? Avaya IP Office 412 w/ Release 5.0.20

I thought it would be
IPO Lic R6 AV IP Endpoint (Part #229445)
but then I see that is for Release 6.

So would it be a Legacy endpoint license?
IPO Lic IP500 VCM Lic 4 Ch (Part # 202961)

furrerm 06-12-2013 11:48 AM

You do need VCM channels, but it isnt licensing anymore, it is hardware. So you must have one of the following:
Combo card

You will also need an Avaya IP endpoint license for each station as well.

pdgavin 06-18-2013 07:50 AM

Licensing - IP Endpoint
Matt is correct if you replace the IP412 and upgrade to an IP500 running R6.0 or higher but if you stay on the IP412 on R5.0 you will not need a license. You will need to have a VCM card installed in the IP412 though. The 412 could have 2 VCM daughter cards installed on the Motherboard of the 412 unit. They could be IP400 VCM4,8,16,24, or VCM30s. Or the older IP400 VCM5,VCM10, or VCM20. None of these cards are for sale new. They have all gone End of Sale a while ago but you may be able to pick one up from Authentic Avaya used/refurbished.


saeed5 01-05-2015 11:30 PM

Licensing - IP Endpoint
I also have same sort of question. i have IP Office 500 V2 with R9 and Combo card and have preferred edition R9 License and some power user licenses. Do i need IP Endpoint and SIP Trunk Channel Licenses for VOIP connectivity behind the router? kindly guide me. thanks.

zakabog 01-06-2015 09:46 AM

On newer IP Office versions like R9, you need an IP endpoint license for every Avaya IP phone and a SIP trunk license for every SIP channel you want to be available. So if your carrier is providing you with 10 SIP channels you need 10 SIP trunk licenses, and if you have 20 Avaya IP endpoints you need 20 IP endpoint licenses.

kirchenlo 01-12-2015 08:37 AM

Just to complete zakabog post. The license like Power User etc... will not allow you to connect an IP Endpoint, user licenses will only add additional user features in combination with edition you are running.

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