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lorenzodaniels 04-02-2013 06:44 AM

Avaya Aura 4.0 Vector Issue
Would be greatly appreciative if you could help me with this issue I am having with Avaya Aura 4.0 CM. I recently had to alter our vector to add other options to our voice prompt selection. I added the options successfully but there is an "announcement XXXX" , step 13, that I want to play after someone selects one of the options 2 through7 during the greeting. "announcement XXX says after the user selects options 2 thru 7, "please wait while transferring call. It was working before i made the changes I think I have the announcement in the wrong "step". How can I fix this? Also is there anyway to enter the vector step without deleting all of the steps and starting again? Thanks for all of your assistance.

richchandler 04-04-2013 05:34 AM

I have to say the vector looks badly structured, and possibly would be better as multiple vectors and possibly VDNs for better reporting.

CM4 supports comments in vectors (a hash at the start of the line)

I always recommend splitting tiers of touch tone menus into separate vectors (and preferably VDNs) to allow reporting of each stage and add clarity.

I would recommend presenting a flow chart of what is desired and/or detail of what is wanted.

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