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garg19 03-21-2013 09:51 PM

Router Service Name in ME6.2 Installation?
For the installation of ME6.2

Server Domain Name (domain portion of dom0 FQDN)
= southlake.forestpark.com
SIP Domain (is often different than ME server domain)= sip.forestparkmc.com

Presence Router Service Name= pres.ips.forestparkmc.com OR pres.ips.avaya.com OR pres.ips.southlake.forestpark.com

Now I am confused what Router Service Name can be used. Few docs says that use pres.ips.avaya.com because its used internally only, so can be used in the customer n/w.

Now pres.ips.forestparkmc.com looks fine to me. I am looking for some suggestions on this.

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