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Default Officelinx 10.7 - 486 Busy Here

Hi Folks,

Similar to SOLN342118.

I'm new to OL - just certified recently.

When calling a newly installed OL, the Wireshark on the OL server shows "486 Busy Here" being sent to SM and then in turn seeing it in the CM TAC trace.

I'd found that during the implementation we disabled the network NIC to System Manager so, no licenses (Went unnoticed being I was using the ESXI VM console). This was corrected. Also, some UC services for some reason had the wrong passwords. Corrected this as well.

This is a small system - only 5 trunks licensed. As mentioned above, I'm routing through SM though, I did try a direct connection to CM with the same results.

OL 10.7 using WebLM for licensing, running Windows 2012 R2 as a VM on ESXi 6.5 U3.

Any ideas out there?

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