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Default Upgrade CM 6.3 duplex to 7.0


I'm facing the task to upgrade a CM duplex 6.3 on System Platform 6.3.1 based on ProLiant, DL360, G7. I have no system manager installed and I'm a bit lost on how to correctly perform this.
I've read several documents on how to do this but there is so much information and details on this and that, having no experience in such tasks it is quite hard to develop a proper sequence of actions.
Please advise on how to do this in general, do I need to upgrade system platform before CM? Does my hardware support the 7.0 release? First upgrade the standby host, then the active, right?
I have a complete 7.0.1 release running on another site, and the plan was to implement a geographic redundancy between two sites, the one that has the 7.0.1 release already and the one that has to be upgraded. Is there a way I can use existing SMGR 7.0.1 to perform the upgrade of 6.3 site?
The versions on the site to be upgraded:
Services_VM (services_vm
CM_Duplex (cm 06.3-
These patches are active on CM: patch 21291 for Daylight Savings 2014f RPM
This patch is active on System Platform:
cdom version is cdom
Any guidance is greatly appreciated, any additional info will be provided upon request as quickly as possible.
Thanks in advance!
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