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Default Configuring IVR

Many thanks for reply. Seems I need a broader hint

1) I see no any indication about IVR parameters to be set in both Web management interface or in standard Excel Dataimport worksheet. There is only one parameter to configure - quantity of IVR channels. So, unswering your questiuon: how was the initial configuration done? - I may say I did't put any IVR specific parameters in to the Excle file. I simply did't find where. If you know where - please, assist.
2) Second issue - creation of IVR manually. That step is not documented (again may be I did't find) - so I don't know what parameters to put there.
they are:
- Name (I suppose any name?)
-Type - can be Voice Control or External - which to select?
-Host - what should I put here?
TCP Port
Mail Server
Default Script

There are also Trunk line allocation, Scripts, Voice Mail

What it is about? Any info?

Many thanks in advance,


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