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Originally Posted by fjaquet View Post
To do this, you must have UMS installed on your server.

If you are using a Windows server, be sure your installation meets the One-X Portal pre-requistes.
When installing VoiceMail Pro, select "Web Voicemail" option - if it doesn't appears, then your server does not meet the pre-requistes...
one-X Portal is installed on the VM Pro server and we have been using feature just fine. what we are attempting to do is listen to messages using the browser option. according to staff the option was there prior to upgrading the one-X application. Is it possible during the upgrading of one-X a setting was overlooked to allow for listening to messages using the browser.

is there a way to determine if the Web voicemail option is available on a up and running VM Pro server. VM Pro/one-X is installed on a Windows server 2008.
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