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Default How to Configure RBAC Basics

Under the new Configuration -> Administration option are three subtrees "Dashboard Hosts", "Admin Access Policies" and "Admin Roles".

The "Admin Roles" is a read only, default set of new RBAC access levels and you can individually look at what each privilege level provides or restricts access to.

The easiest is to create a user in the Internal User Store -- call that user "monitor1" with password "hallmonitor".

You then create or ensure a Directory Set exists that uses the "Internal User Store" for User Lookup Service/Authentication Service.

From here you create an "Admin Access Policy" just like Access Policies for RADIUS/MAC Authentication. The policy will require a rule. Based on the above internal user design, creating a rule "If User.Authentication Service = Internal User Store AND User.user-id = monitor1 --> ALLOW assigning monitor-admin role".

You should then be able to log out of Dashboard and log back in with the monitor1/hallmonitor credentials you created above and now have monitor only privileges.

This feature allows you to create policies to use any directory set or service you've defined for username lookup and authentication. As long as the policy rule you've set up is met, the user will be assigned the role you set for them.
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