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Default 3526T monitoring 802.1x port by port mirror

Hi all!

I'm having problem for monitoring a 802.1x (EAP) port through port mirror configuration.

When I try to enable port mirror I receive a error message, saying that is not possible to enable port mirror for EAP ports.

In fact I want to monitoring packets in a EAP port, the source port is EAP port, but the destination port (with wireshark) is a normal port, without EAP configuration.

I found this documentation:

7.1.2. Port-mirroring on 802.1x (EAP) port

Due to potential security risks, an EAP port could not be monitored or a mirror port, and a mirror port could not be
set as an EAP port.

An enhancement is provided in this release to enable port-mirroring on EAP ports. Three new global commands
to enable or disable port mirroring on EAP ports are provided under the EAP sub-commands/group. The format of the commands is:

EAPol allow-port-mirroring
no EAPol allow-port-mirroring
default EAPol allow-port-mirroring

But this documentation is for 5510/5520/5530 series. In 3526T does not has this commands.

I appreciate any help.
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