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Default On-Call Forwarding

My scenario is as such: I am running IP500V2 using IP Office 9.1 and Voicemail PRO. I have a department with 3 people that are on-call week on, week off, and use their mobile phones to take the calls. They would like the ability to hit a button on their individual desk phones (5420) before they leave to forward the on-call number to their mobile phone for that week.

I'm new to IP Office and can't seem to determine how to accomplish this. I know I can make an extension with its own phone and create a button for each on-call person and label appropriately. However, I'm trying to minimize complexity and increase conveniences with a simple button press. Does anyone know if this is possible? I've spent a couple days researching different features but can't seem to find one that will fit. Remote Call Forwarding, Forwarding, Twinning, Diverting Calls, Follow Me...etc...

Any help is much appreciated.
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