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Hi tsheph,

The IP Phones get their network regions from the ip-network-map configuration of CM, you can add a specific IP or a range of IP address there and specify which network-region you would like for those IPs. If a phone whose IP address is not configured in the ip-network-map, it will obtain its network-region from the CLAN/PROCR where it is registered to.

Regarding your query on the DHCP, The DHCP client (Phone/PC) broadcasts on the network with a request. If there is a DHCP server which can receive the request, it replies with an offer of an IP in the same subnet as the NIC in the server which received the broadcast request.

If there is only a relay agent to receive the request, it will forward the request to a DHCP server. The DHCP server will make an offer in the same IP subnet as the NIC of the relay agent which recieved the original broadcast.

Hope this helps
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