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Default IPOCC reporting inaccurate count of calls queued, calls dropping

On September 3rd on the Windows 2012 R2 server using IPOCC 9.0.8200.1515 the wallboard began reporting an increasing number of calls queued yet callers were getting in immediately to the 2 or 3 agents that were logged in.
That number continued to increase with the wait time going over an hour. SSA showed no calls over 7 minutes in length on the voicemail server when I checked. On my 7th test call I got dead air when I pressed prompt 1 that uses short code 3001 to route to the IPOCC and I got a call from the client to update me that patients were now calling in on the other prompt (that simply uses the routing in VMPRO) to complain that they were getting silence or (they thought) dropped when they try to schedule an appointment. Which is prompt 1.
I re-routed the two affected prompts in VMPRO to temp hunt groups and rebooted the server. IPOCC restarted correctly and the problem has gone away.
Where do I start looking to find out why this occurred please? The servers event logs show nothing strange.
Thank you in advance.
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