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Many thanks, I found the document for my release ipocc 9.1 in my case the field says:
Number of customer records: Displays the number of customer records.

In customer configuration I have nothing, and majority of customers have this field in the report in "1" but a few 2 or 3 and I have no idea what is the difference, I thought that was because the customer called 2 or 3 times in that day but it didnt

Time stamp Task type Caller/Sender Selected address Original topic Connection status Number of customer records Number of customer connections Chargeable time
01/16/18 3:10:22 PM Telephone #customer1 8001 Topic1 ConnectedDirect 3 3 46
11/17/18 12:15:19 PM Telephone #customer2 8001 Topic1 ConnectedDirect 3 2 387
01/16/18 7:48:19 AM Telephone #customer3 Topic1 ConnectedDirect 2 1 60
01/16/18 8:06:46 AM Telephone #customer4 8001 Topic1 ConnectedQueuedAnnounce 2 1 61

(#customer replace the real number)
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