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Default analog line problen with DTMF

Hi, everyone!

I have a really strange situation with analog lines. After a match is found for outgoing call short code any button pressed generate strange noise, similar with DTMF but with interference. If i use Phone Manager to make a call, i get same behavior after call answered at destination. When i connect analog phone direct to the line, DTMF work's just fine.

List of equipment and settings:
IP Office 500v2 R7.0.31.
ATM16 expansion module.
Phone30V2 expansion module.

9N/Dial/N/ARS - outgoing call short code.
?/Dial/./Analog Line Group ID - short code in ARS, other setting's is default.

Analog line settings:
Trunk Type: Loop Start.
Signaling Type: DTMF Dialing.
Direction: Bothway.
Other setting's is default.

I'm sorry for my English
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