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Default Problem TLS CM R8 to SM R8 SIP TRUNK


I have problems to certify the connection of CM to SM by TLS.

I have imported the .pem certificate from the R8 system manager in CM but it does not set the sip trunk in TLS correctly.

I don't know if I have to generate a separate certificate in the System manager:

A little help?.

4 │──────────────CHello──────────────►│ (T1) Client Hello
12:41:31.461 │◄──────────────SHello──────────────│ (T1) Server Hello
12:41:31.461 │◄───────────Cert, SKeyEx───────────│ (T1) Certificate, Server Key Exchange
12:41:31.461 │◄────Multiple Handshake Messages───│ (T1) Multiple Handshake Messages
12:41:31.462 │───────────────Alert──────────────►│ (T1) Fatal, Unknown CA