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Default CS1K7.65SW/SIP Line user gets disconnected after call pick-up DISA call

Problem: Incomining Euro Call to DISA Number,dial Ext8816 but pick the call up from SIPL EXT 55363 using RPUN and answer the call, Call cuts off after 2 seconds and the Set locks up,
Setup/steps to reproduce the issue:

CS1K System1: - Unistim Set 1 CS1K System2: - SIP Line Set - Unistim Set 2 Unistim Set 1 calls to DISA DN over Euro digital trunk (use ACOD) Unistim Set 1 dials Unistim Set 2 DN SIP Line Set picks up call by dial RPUN FFC. After some seconds call is dropped, BUG msgs on Call Server.

Fix patch:
Patch MPLR33185
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