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Default Confusing CDR outputs

Hi hope someone can help
Outputting CDR to a Splunk server from CM 6.3 and processing the data. That part is "OK".
However we are getting some really strange results when we output the fields.
For starters, we are getting far more calls recorded than CMS is showing, for example. CMS will show 800 calls answered for a particular VDN, which seems about right.
Here's where is all gets a little crazy.
If we filter on a VDN, we get a list of up to 80% larger. Looking at the data we get ANY following as the "dialed-num"
The Agent that answered, but this number is to low.
A softphone used for call recording, but we record 100%
The Entry VDN , but this doesn't tally up with the abandoned rate,
The Skill Extension, but again, this doesn't tie up with any other stats.
Below are examples of the raw feeds being received from CM

An example of the raw data showing dialed number to a softphone (call recording)
250417 1749 00235 9                       895127     02075551234 #901         219               0     0                    800659
An example to an Agent
250417 1747 00238 9                       713117     02075551234 #901         219               0     0                    800659
An Example to a Skill Extension
250417 1646 00053 9                       815037     07855555459 #901         159               0     0                    800659
An Example to it's own VDN
250417 1533 00011 9                       800659     02075551234 #901         012               0     0                    800659
All calls are imcoming as they have a Condition Code of 9 and an associated TAC
Now I *think* that the VDN is something to do with it playing a message as they all seem to be approx 10 - 11 seconds long, which is just over the length of an announcement at V1 in the VDN
Softphones, could it be related to Screen Capture as it seems a closer figure, but doesn't tally up with what we see in the recorders themselves.
So the crux of the question.
Why am I getting CDR data for all these different steps, seemingly random, many of which make little sense.

Thanks for any help

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