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Question PLEASE Provide Input: Field Utilization of System Manager High Availability

System Manager Product Team isseeking help with the following questions related to deployment and utilization of the System Manager High Availability (SMGR-HA) feature by our Clients.

1. If you are a Partner or Service Provider, how often do you see System Manager in a High Availability configuration being deployed in the field (Always, Frequently, Rarely)?

2. If you are an End-User Customer maintaining an Avaya Aura solution with SMGR, do you deploy SMGR in a High Availability configuration

3. Do you have any comments on the business or positioning implications of Avaya Aura, if the System Manager offer did not include a High Availability option (note: System Manager Geographic Redundancy would remain available)?

Feature descriptions for SMGR High Availability and Geographic Redundancy are listed below.

Your feedback can be entered in this thread or forwarded to via email to:

Thanks in advance for your response:

System Manager High Availability feature summary:

System Manager leverages Avaya’s System Platform High Availability mechanism to maintain a standby System Manager server. This is accomplished by System Platform continuously mirroring all disk data from the active to standby server. The Two System Manager must be within 100 meters of each other.Automatic activation of the standby System Manager in the event the active server has an outage (6 minute activation period)

System Manager Geographic Redundancy feature summary:

System Manager (SMGR) 6.3.x Geographic Redundancy service replicates Avaya Aura element support for two geographically distant SMGR sites (separate subnets, across a WAN) so that SMGR management services can be switched from one site to another, in case of the catastrophic failure of one of sites or servers. The SMGR GR sites are set up in pairs, with each site in a SMGR Standalone or SMGR High-Availability (HA) configuration. One member of the site pair is designated the Primary SMGR Server; the other is designated as the Secondary SMGR Server.

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