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Question Avaya Interactive Response General Question

Hello All -

I am a total newbie when it comes to the Avaya Interactive Response (AIR system) and I was wondering if this group could answer some general/basic questions?

I understand the basic principle of the AIR system that is the next generation Conversant/IVR, you have Scripts built to be run, and it can help reduce call volumes/cost.

What I am fuzzy on is this:

When a group purchases an AIR System, do they buy it with the idea in mind to just run one type of function off of it? Or can it handle multiple functions/Scripts?

Is there duplication on a system like this and if so, how does it typically work?

What is the max capacity/call volumes that the AIR System can take? How is that typically measured?

In general what type of deployments have people used the AIR System on?

Thanks for any/all your input on this - I work at a Medical Center that is looking to centralize IVR systems, currently each Dept buys a server and runs the application on it and we are hoping that the AIR System can run multiple scripts/applications and do the same function thus consolidating servers. I have loads of experience at switching and voice mail, and we do the interfaces to IVRs but never the IVR itself so it's a learning curve for me.

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