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Originally Posted by hartwrf View Post
Trying to find out what this is supposed to do. I am familiar with the basic "list trace station" & "list trace station button" but not ext/d.
I don't know if you ever got the answer to this but if you do a :

List Trace Station xxxxx/D (Number 1 through 40, if I remember correctly 1 - 6 are reserved for hard features on the phone), you can activate the button on the phone.

List Trace Station xxxxx/7 Would press the first line/feature button on the phone, and since 99% of the time this is the first line, it would have the phone go off-hook on the speaker.

This is useful when you have some Auto Dial Buttons (With a defined dial string) and want to make test calls when no one is at the desk/phone.

Hope this helps.
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