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This scenario may require an Apple Push Notification (APN) to "wake" the Workplace client when the mobile device is idle. This can be accomplished using an Aura Web Gateway (AAWG) or Session Manager v8.1.3+.

See here on p19 - 22:

The push notification mechanism enables clients to receive incoming call alerts and other notifications from the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). The push notification service sends notifications automatically. Therefore, an application can receive notifications even when it is suspended or in Sleep mode.
With Release 8.1.3, Session Manager provides telephony push notifications events through Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to Client SDK based iOS applications, such as Avaya Workplace Client for iOS. Session Manager provides push notification events for incoming calls, chat and voice messaging status updates. Avaya Workplace Client for iOS should be on Release 3.14 or later to receive push notification services. Currently the Avaya Aura Web Gateway supports push notification events towards iOS application and you can choose to utilize push notification service on either the Avaya Aura Web Gateway or on Session Manager.
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