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Question e911 and VoIP

Hi all,

My situation is this:
  • S8500C running Communication Manager 4 in City1
  • Small branch office (under 15 users) in City2 with only IP phones, no gateways of any kind connected via MPLS to City1. There are plans for a couple more small office like this on the drawing board.
  • If a City2 employee dials 911 they get the City1 operator (as you would expect, as the documentation describes, and obviously not our desired state - the IP phones went in without a lot of planning because of a particular unexpected event)
I understand that I can put a gateway device in City2 just to handle 911. However, from the reading Iíve done on the Avaya website, going through the Emergency Dialing manual and the Avaya IP Telephony Implementation Guide among others, it seems like I should have other options besides adding hardware into those sites, maybe:
  • a simple configuration in Communication Manager so that a 911 call from IP network region 4 dials a speeddial for City2 Police
  • running a foreign exchange line from City2 to City1 and directing 911 calls for network region 4 out that
  • registering the numbers used by the City2 employees with (someone) so the correct PSAP gets dialed. All these things are hinted at in the documentation but I haven't been able to pull the threads to figure out how to pursue them.
Iím astounded that the only solution from my integrators seems to be to add more hardware, especially when my limited understanding of the system seems to be pointing to the possibilities of alternatives.

It is really possible that large retail chains and places with dozens or hundreds of branch offices with IP phones all put gateway devices in every branch, or is there some way I should be asking the question to help my local integrator think through alternatives? I might end up with half-a-dozen small branches, tops. With the relatively small size and skill set of our support staff (and maintenance budget), if it's really that involved we might keep those branch offices off the company PBX and get phone/voicemail services from the local telco.

If you have any suggestions for how I can get better educated about the options, or get a feel for how other people handle this I sure would appreciate any help. I feel like I've exhausted my ability to absorb information from the Avaya manuals and the only experience my integrator has with this is adding gateway hardware. If the only viable solution is to put gateway hardware in each branch, that would be helpful to understand as well.


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