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Default CMS Supervisor ask pw reset at the login after Backup/Restore

Harada San,

This is an expected behaviour, as mentioned by dsusman as well. However, my reasons for concurring are different.

Scenario 1: When you delete a CMS user id say <nippon> completely. That user id is not only deleted from CMS database, but also from the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files at the OS level. So when you delete the user is <nippon> after taking a full maintenance backup and thereafter restore the data with system admin data option only, you will have the CMS user id <nippon> contained in the backup data that will get restored and the cms user id <nippon> will get restored along with in the CMS db, but at the OS level the entery with password etc. in /etc/shadow and /etc/passwds file will not be there. So when after restoration of just the maintenance data in CMS, when you login using the <nippon> id through CMS supervisor, it tries to log you in the CMS shell but asks for password to be set as the password entries are not there in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files.

Scenario 2: When you create a new CMS user after taking the full maintenance backup and then restore it. The entries for that user may not be there in the CMS db, but they are there at the OS level. Since the CMS application creates the new user ids in such a fashion that the users are asked to set the password on the next login attempt, the OS asks for the password to be set. However, I've not tried, so I'm not sure that <nippon> user in this case will be able to access the CMS application properly as its information in not there in the CMS db.

The above explanation could be refined further though..but crudely this is how it works.

Saurabh Kamra
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