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Default SSO for Poweredby Administration?

Has anyone figured out a good way to do SSO with Manager and Voicemail pro? We have a ton of powered by systems and about 30 technicians that all currently use the same credentials to log into each poweredby system. This is obviously a problem but I cannot find any way to give them management access with Manager / Voicemail Pro other than creating a user for each of them on every system.

If I lock management down via a source IP then customers are unable to manage their systems since Web Manager and Manager both use the same port.

OneLogin works for webmanager but webmanager doesn't allow you to do some things and that doesn't solve the voicemail pro issue.

What I would like is for IPO to use LDAP or RADIUS to authenticate off a central server but when I asked about that support just said it wasn't supported and every GRIP I have put in in the last year never even gets a response from Avaya.
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