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Originally Posted by markgallagher View Post
The Voicemail Pro client isn't used for embedded voicemail. You need to obtain the IP Office Manager application appropriate to the level of software on your IP Office system.

Depending of the mode in which the system is running, it may be possible to edit the auto-attendant via web browser.

But all the above is really dependent on your knowing what level of software your system is running, in what mode and whether you have a user name and password for configuration access to the system.
I use the IP Office Manager 10.0 (43) for Windows, I've checked my ip office voicemail config.

Voicemail Type: Embedded Voicemail
Voicemail Mode: Intuity Mode

But what I want is create or modify the autoattendant, I only have installed the IP Office System Status and the IP Office Manager.

Do I need another software to create or modify the autoattendant?

Thank you.
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