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Smile customizing One-X

you cannot "skin" the entire interface but you can change the Avaya One-X logos into something else for example a customers logo, its in the admin manual at the end on how to do that

what you need to do is to create a folder called custom in the one-x folders and create a PNG file of the icon or the name that you want to change , with the name logo

There is a specific size to it, also its a bit of a faf , to get it to blend in as the grey of the surround of the name or text would need to be same as the rest of the interface to get the best effect. depending on the monitor you use you could be a few "degrees" out of the right grey colour and you keep on tweaking until you have it

The result is great though,

PS . One X portal has more "freedom" to customise the interface as that is web based
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