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Default How to remove plus + added for CM in sip trunk

# Verify 3 things:
  1. Trunk Group SIP:
    • “Prepend '+' to Calling/Alerting/Diverting/Connected Number? N”.
  2. SIP Signaling Group screen to N:
    • “Prepend '+' to Calling/Alerting/Diverting/Connected Number? N
  3. Trunk Group SIP, if use “Numbering Format: public”, change from "public" to "private".
    • Page- display public-unknown-numbering ....Note: If an entry applies to a SIP connection to Avaya Aura(R) Session Manager, the resulting number must be a complete E.164 number.
      Communication Manager
      automatically inserts a '+' digit in this case.
More information:
Manual - Settings: "Administering Public Unknown Numbering" page 22. LINK:

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