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Default Failed Login using Manager, SSA successful?

Trying to figure out why a customer is not able to remotely access one of their IP Office 500's (release 8.1.73) through Manager, from an off-site network. They can ping the unit, see it available to log into using Manager, and can log in using SSA. What's interesting is the failed login notification they get is not stating the reason for failure.

Of course, the network people are stating that nothing about this site's LAN is different. I've asked them to verify if IP ports are being blocked, as well as if TFTP via UDP port 69 is blocked. More specifics the better.

I've had them try the following
- attempt using the 9.0 release of Manager, since they had 8.1.67
- login credentials of Administrator, Manager and Operator to rule out a password error-all of them unsuccessful
- set security preferences of secure communications to disabled, as well as set certificate checks to None.
- purposely enter wrong password for the IP500 at a different site to see what the error notification looks like (it indicated it was due to wrong name or password)

I don't know if we can rule out the IP500 being patched onto the wrong data switch or LAN port, but the fact they can see/ping/log in via SSA has me suspecting network-caused.
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