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Default one-X Agent Central Management


I have the application ACCCM version 7.0.2 I can see the ACCMONEXDB in SQL installed. The webpage for the One-x Agent Central Management website (one-x Agent Management Portal) is working: it gives a log-in screen, however I can't log in.
I have used the default uses: itnv, sroot, onexagentcm
system users: ACCMONEXUSER, sa, my own system admin log-in.

But I always get log-in failed.

I found that this document and is full of mistakes (installation screens missing, details inconsistent:

I have not found any other documents for the one-X Agent Central management , also I don't want to integrated it with ACCCM. I just want Central Management to work as a stand alone for my one-x agents (version: 2.5.8 patch6)

Is there also a way to find out if the application is installed correctly and where I can find the log-ins for the web portal.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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