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Default softphone client 6.2 in Aura 6.3 for 8410B digital phones pilot project questions

We found the following when working in the softphone client and wondered if this is working as it should. We are using the H.323 setting. Transfer - immediately transfers the call. Staff is not able to introduce the call and then press transfer to complete the process as they would using their hard phone. Conference - conference is not putting the caller on soft hold, as it would on the hard phone. Staff and the caller are always able to hear each other and both hear the added conference party answer the phone. Staff is no longer able to press conference, dial the third party and discuss before pressing conference and bring all parties together. Hunt Group Que - que status buttons are not working. The status presents differently on each soft phone client and does not update. Incoming Calls and Call Logs - Some of the soft clients have a call log and others do not. Some have partial call logs displaying some but not all calls. All show incoming call unknown. Are features working as they should - given the old phones? If I were to update their sets to say..... a 9630IP set but retain the H.323 setting on the soft phone client (we are not registering IP phones via SIP), would transfer, conference, and the que change? Having trouble finding anything specific in documentation on this and need someone with system knowledge to point me to the right document or provide feedback.
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