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Solution Delivered Build Your Tests in a Non-Production VDN/VEC Set.

Hey Joe,

I should have said this before . . . my bad!

When making a change in the production system, it is good proctice to make a copy of the vector and point to it with a non-DID (internal) VDN. That way you can mess with it to your hearts content without causing an issue.

So set it up like this . . .

01 wait-time 0 secs hearing ringback
02 goto step 12 if staffed-agents in skill 10 < 1 {[You could also set up a new split with no agents to speed this up.]}
03 # Q calls at MEDIUM Priority
04 queue-to skill 10 pri m
05 announcement 5707
06 wait-time 10 secs hearing music
07 # BP Xfer announcement and
08 Collect 1 digits after announcement 5744
09 goto step 12 if digits = 5
10 wait-time 5 secs hearing silence
11 goto step 7 if unconditionally
12 route-to number 5780 with cov y if unconditionally
13 stop
================================================== =

This will also make your trace and event list more productive as you will not be counting other normal work activity on the production VDN and VEC with your test data. Let's see what that looks like. Okay?
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