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Default How to change an 11 or 10 digit call to a 4-digit extension call

I entered this a 2nd time to get a better title.

We want to translate a 10 or 11 digit call to an internal 4-digit call.

We have an internal conference bridge, extension 1234.

It is also accessible externally via 732-555-1234 or 1-732-555-1234.

(phone numbers are for example only).

Our internal users insist on dialing the external number to access the bridge instead of using the internal extension. Obviously, using the external number ties up trunks and also consumes our monthly allotment of minutes with our carrier.

I know we could create an entry in our ARS ANALISYS table and simply block the external number where they would get a re-order tone.

I'd like to instead strip either 1732555 or 732555 from the dialed number and make it an internal PBX call to extension 1234.

Is there a way to accomplish this? Is there documentation your could refer me to?
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