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Default Aura Messaging Notify Me with Avaya Store

We have a requirement to set up voicemail services for a department such that messages left on a single extension get copied to each staff members mailboxes. Our storage backend for subscriber mailboxes is primarily Exchange, however we have a few that use the Avaya store as they have no other email mailbox requirements (ie: departments, etc).

Our strategy was to set this extension up with a voice mailbox on the local Avaya store, then user the Notify Me feature to distribute copies of the messages via email to a distribution group containing each staff member. That's the ultimate goal, except that I can't seem to get Notify Me to send emails for this subscriber.

All other subscribers (who happen to be using an Exchange store) who use Notify Me don't have this problem. COS is set up correctly, and matches others who don't have this problem. The only difference I can see at this point is that the stores are different, though it would seem odd to me that Notify Me with email distribution would only work for Exchange store subscribers...
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