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Default HTTP 905 Error on 96xxupgrade.txt

Lately I've noticed when our phones boot up the following prompts/messages come up on the phone's display and new/edited configuration files are not processed by the deskphones:
DHCP (* to program)
HTTPS: 1 -1
HTTP: 1 -905
Contacting call server...
As I mentioned above, I have been attempting to alter some of our configuration files and create new ones, but the deskphones never process the newly updated/created ones. Once the phone receives the HTTP 905 error with the 96xxupgrade.txt file, it just contacts the call server and logs the user into their phone with the existing stored configuration files. When I open the link through the web browser on my computer, I can see the changes I have made - but this 905 error stops the phone from seeing them.

Our Call Server ( is a IP Office 500 (R8) and it hosts everything from the file server (SD Card), HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP server, and DHCP server - the only thing running on a separate box is the Voicemail Server.

Unless there is something special that I am suppose to do after uploading files to IP Office's SD Card (through the IP Office Manager's File Management tool), I think we have a problem here. To verify that the configuration files are not at fault I have successfully loaded them onto an individual phone using Avaya's MV_IPTel utility.
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