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Angry SIP Re-Registration after Connection to SIP Provider failed.

I have an IPOffice 500 v1 R8.0(44)

The Big Sprint Outage yesterday cut us off from our SIP Provider, though our provider was only down for a few minutes, we were down for an hour until we rebooted the IPO.

For the SIP Line, In the ITSP Proxy Address I have two IP Addresses

When our provider went offline, our Avaya never reregistered. Under the SIP Credentials, there is an Expiry of 10 minutes.

Is there some other setting somewhere on re-registering with the SIP Provider? This is the 2nd time We've not been able to recveieve calls for a few hours.

They only way we've been able to get the IPO to reregister is to reboot the thing. This cannot be the way it works!?!?!

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