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On the IP 500 there are short codes that start with **75, followed by X's, specific telephone numbers, area codes, etc., trying to match that dial string being sent over from the SE (**7501133160306031)

You would need a short code of **750N / 0N / dial / 75:Math to get 01133160306031 sent to ARS 75 on the expansion control unit. In ARS 75 you would need an entry of 0N; (note the semicolon) / 0N / Dial3K1 / 5 {the outgoing line group of the SIP or PRI trunk on the expansion control unit}

Notice that is would allow EVERYONE to make International calls

DON'T add that 0N short code to the expansion system, and DON'T add the 0N; short code to ARS 75. KEEP the "0N | NSi"Mainnumber" | Barred | 5 "

You need to create a new ARS table on the IP 500 V2 expansion control unit. Copy and paste ARS 75:MATH. The number will be auto assigned, lets say for this exercise that it is 76. Change the short code of 0N | NSi"Mainnumber" | Barred | 5 from Barred to Dial3K1

Now create some short codes in the expansion control unit.
Code | Telephone number | Feature | Line Group ID
**76XXXXXXX | 330N | Dial | 76: MATH Intl
**76911 | 911 | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**76330XXXXXXX | 330N | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**761XXXXXXXXXX | 1N | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**761400XXXXXXX | 1400 N | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**760N | 0N | dial | 76:MATH Intl
Notice the 76 after the ** is intended to match the ID of the ARS table. Also notice the 0N entry.

Back in the Server Edition, delete the MATH Intl User Right that you previously created and do it again. Edit each of the User Right Short Codes from **75 to **76. So 8N | **76N | Dial | 99001

The user dials 8-011-331-6030-6031. It matches 8N and changes it to **7601133160306031, sends to line group 99001. It comes into the expansion control unit and matches the short code **760N which sends 01133160306031 to ARS table 76, where it matches 0N and sends 01133160306031 to outgoing line group 5, which is the PRI or SIP trunk for outgoing.
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