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Default Call Park Norstar/BCM vs. IPO

I would recommend that you program a button on the phone and not use a short code. I would also recommend you use park zones 1, 2, 3, 4. By using these park slots the computer applications will be more useful because Phone Manager and SoftConsole have these 4 park slots defined by default and so does one X Portal (although it can be changed in 1xp) but by using these park slot numbers the calls would show up on those applications by default. One of the advantages to using a button programmed is that you only have to program the park button and not an unpark button and when a call is parked you will see an indication that a call is on that park slot and if you have a paper-less display phone you will either see the caller id of the caller there or if the call has been tagged the call tag. To park the call you press an available park button once and the call is parked and to unpark you would press it once and it would take the call off of park. By using the Park button programmed on the phone you do not have to memorize a short code and it is only a single button press instead of hitting transfer and dialing a short code to park the call and dialing a different short code to pickup or unpark the call. Please try the park button and I am sure you will agree that it is a much better solution.

If you want the park button to act like the Nortel system and choose a park slot you can program the button without a park slot number defined and then it will park the call at the extension so for example if the extension is 201 the first call will be parked at 2010 and the second call will be parked at 2011 The call could be picked up by another extension using an unpark button or a short code but I think the better choice is to define the park slots with 1,2,3 and 4.

Using Programmable Buttons
The Call Park feature can be used to park and unpark calls. If configured with a specified park slot number, the button can be used to park a call in that slot, unpark a call from that slot and will indicate when another user has parked a call in that slot. If configured without a number, it can be used to park up to 10 calls and to unpark any of those calls.
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