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Default 9640 never goes idle on ipo500v2

New to Avaya and am stumped on this one.

I have a 9640 on IP office. It appears that the phone never goes into an idle state. If I set screensaveron to 1 minute in the 46xxsettings, after 1 minute, the screen saver jpg comes on briefly but disappears when the clock advances to the next minute. I also do not see the soft key idle features that have been set. Seems the idle timer is reset every minute.

Interestingly enough, when the system first boots, all required files are downloaded ( upgrade and settings) and the phone displays the idle screen with the emergency soft key, half moon key for display, but after 3 seconds this disappears and I get all the feature buttons set in IPO manager software.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, my gut tells me this has to do with the way I have things configured in IPO.
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