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Solution Confirmed

SM 6.2 installation slightly differs from its previous versions.

1. Login to system Manager as su.
2. In /etc/hosts add Session manager’s entry ;which you are going to install.( Desired IP address and host name of SM)
3. Insert the RHEL 5.6 DVD in the SM server & reboot it.
4. After Linux installation , craft login does not works.
Login using sroot/sroot01 ,
su – craft
5.Now you will enter into craft .Now run ./SmnetSetup

(craft@avayaasm)$ ./SMnetSetup

6.Enter All details for SMnetSetup. When asked “do you want to create customer login for maintenance purpose : Yes
7. cust/cust01
8. After entering all details server will ask for reboot. Reboot the server.
9.login using cust/cust01 – sroot/sroot01
11.Enter CD asm-6.2.x.0.xxxxxx-installer.iso of SM.
12. Now mount Cd using mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /cdrom
cd /cdrom
13.Put system manager IP and enrolment password when asked .
14.Trust management and DRS Replication will be completed automatically. Finally Server will reboot and installation will be completed.

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