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Default Call Log Feature

1) does it insert "1" for all the types of numbers being dialed (local, international, mobile, ...)

2) what is the communication manager version?

3) what is the type of the IP Phone?

4) What is the firmware version on the IP Phone?

5) Is this SIP or H.323?

6) Can you put the "ENHANCED LOCAL DIALING RULES" from the 46xxsettings.txt file?

7) is the phone actually loading the 46xxsettings.txt file?

8) How do you see the digit 1 being added?
- on the display of the phone as soon as you use the call log?
- using list trace station command?
- after the operator throws the reorder/busy tone you see on the display?
- the 1 is alerady appended to the digit 1 of the number stored in the call log?

9) Do you use "calltype analysis" table on Communication manager SAT interface?

10) do you use "ars digit-conversion"?

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