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Default Quick Edition troubleshooting

I will be glad to offer any help I can with your QE phone system.

For starters, I just want to make sure you have the proper understanding of how the system work... it's not like a traditional PBX.

The G10/G11 gateway does not control a site any more than any of the phones do. They work in a distributed fashion. The main function of a G10/G11 is to provide access to the PSTN. A QE system can work fine without a gateway for internal only calls.

When you first set-up a QE system, you should initialize one phone set and have it create a site. After that, you can initialize any QE component to join the site. It's very important to initialize a phone set first because this allows you to CREATE a site. While a gateway is initializing (as it does after a factory reset or when it is removed from a site) it will search for and join the first site it finds. If it does not find a site, it will create one with a random-looking name. It becomes very complicated to get phones and other devices to join that site. Always initialize a gateway when it is on a network where it can find an existing site. I've seen many QE systems where the gateway is set-up first and the customer unknowingly has TWO sites which do not co-operate.

By default, every QE device will attempt to get a DHCP address before settling on an APIPA address. This will include the gateway. You can use the interactive menu on the G11 (but not the G10) to select a static IP but I never recommend that. QE works best with DHCP.

All this to say, try browsing to the IP address of one of the phone sets. You can even connect your PC to the secondary Ethernet port on the phone to do this. If the gateway does not appear in the QE admin pages, it usually is not part of the site.

To resolve that, I recommend creating a small closed network with a POE switch, the gateway, one phone set and your computer. Set the phone and PC to DHCP with APIPA. Get the IP address off the phone and browse to it to confirm you have a site. Perform a factory reset on the gateway (see below) and wait for it to initialize and join the phone's site. It should then appear in the web admin interface. Incidentally, this is the method you must use to have a gateway join a specific site when you have multiple sites on the same network.

You can now disconnect power from the devices and return them to the original network. If you were using static IP addresses, you will have to reprogram them. If you were using APIPA or DHCP, they will start working immediately.

How to Reset a Quick Edition Telephone

1. Remove power from the device.
2. Apply power to the device and press and hold the OPTIONS button. The device will reboot.
3. Continue to press and hold the OPTIONS button.
4. The telephone will prompt with the option to reset to factory default.
5. Select the factory default option. The device will indicate when the resetprocess is complete.
6. Remove power from the device.

How to Factory Reset a G11 PSTN Gateway:

1. Power off the G11 gateway
2. Hold the Reset button on the back of the G11gateway and apply power.
3. Release the Reset button when L1 turns Green.
4. Wait for L3 and L4 to turn solid Green.
5. Remove power from the device.

As a footnote: if you remove anything from the device manager, it will immediately be rebooted and factory reset. Once again, a gateway will immediately seek out a site and join it. This means that if you remove a gateway from the device manager, it will rejoin as a new device after it finishes the factory-reset. Telephone sets, on the other hand, wait for user interaction before they join a site.

Hope this helps.

Marcel (ex-Avaya Quick Edition Support)
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